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We have digitized all rental business processes for you. The system was developed by programmers who have experience in car rental and know this business "from the inside". RentProg is a universal solution suitable for cars, motorcycles, yachts, bicycles and other vehicles.


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Solving Problems

Starting work in RentProg you will immediately solve a number of problems related to vehicle rental management in Excel or outdated solutions.


Reduce the company's staffing needs and monitor employees at all stages.


We save the time of the manager/owner, as well as simplify the life of all employees.


Secure Internet connection. We do not share information with third parties.


Cars, repairs, reservations, and employee checkout are always in plain sight.

Any device

Requires no installation, always "at your fingertips" from any device, you only need the Internet.


Intuitive interface. We know firsthand how important it is and try to improve it all the time.

What users say about RentProg

In RentProg we try to take into account all needs of our customers.


"With CRM RentProg I really became the owner of my business, not an acting manager as before. This program saves the most valuable resource we have - time, something that is irreplaceable!"

- Amigo Car Rental

"Before choosing a program to automate I tried all the CRMs I found on the Internet. RentProg beat them all! all of them!"

- BarsAuto Car Rental

"This CRM system is the most suitable solution to build into our vehicle rental aggregator. Most of the necessary functions were already built into this program."

- Mark Car Rental

How to get started?

Getting started with RentProg is easier than it looks. Even if you already use another program.


Digitize your rental business

Register, contact us, provide us your fleet vehicle details and we'll fill out the system ourselves.

  • It's very easy to start
  • Register and provide data
  • Start reaping the benefits
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This is the heart of the system. Here you can find all the basic information about the reservations, manage the status, payments, etc.

Automatic calculation

The staff won't let you down again. When you create and edit a reservation, all amounts are calculated.

State control

Requests received, current bookings, you are always aware of their status.



In the calendar you can visually see your bookings, which allows you to quickly navigate when confirming a booking and optimize the loading of vehicles.


All bookings and time intervals between them are visible on the screen, all information is clickable.

Vehicle condition

You make your booking decision with all the information you need in front of you.

Booking Card

Here is all the information about the booking and control unit. Who has done check in/checkout the vehicle, mileage for the booking, fines, and more.


Full control of all payments grouped by services. You will always be aware if there are underpayments in the booking.

Customer notification

Sending confirmations and rejections, various reminders of the imminent start of the booking, reviews, etc.

Bookings card


Each employee has his own account, as well as information about all payments are collected in the company's cashbox for cash and non-cash accounts.


Each employee's payment is monitored by the manager thanks to the status of the payment.


Each payment specifies a group, type, source and an additional description, which allows you to quickly identify the payment.


The quintessence of the whole system. Here you can see the efficiency of investments, costs and revenues, and other parameters necessary for a successful business.


Complete analysis of expenses and income in all categories.


Statistics for each vehicle in which you can see many parameters, such as the price per kilometer, etc.

Days plan


Every employee clearly knows his plan for the day.

No mistakes

The plan for the day is sorted according to time, a responsible employee for a particular booking is assigned.


All employees in a convenient visual form can plan their day, and managers to monitor performance.

Website Order Form

The application form is easily embedded in any site. You need to insert Only three lines of code.

Don't need programmers

You only need access to the site, anyone can do it (we will help).

Site integration with the system

A client sees the free vehicles for the required time. Requests come directly into the system with filled in data, you only need to activate it and send confirmation to a client.

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Implementing RentProg in numbers

  • Saving on maintenance through timely repairs
  • Feedback reminders only for satisfied customers
  • Reducing staff by increasing efficiency

1 points

Happy customers

1% -


0 cars

Per employee

10% +


The main features of RentProg system

  • No installation required, always "at your fingertips" from any device
  • Intuitive interface
  • Vehicle checkout calendar
  • Simple and straightforward processing and accounting of reservations
  • Ability to receive bookings from the company's website - View Order Form
  • Advance booking of a vehicle, for any period of time
  • Automatic notifications to employees and customers
  • Control of timely payment of rent
  • Automatic control of periodic maintenance and insurance
  • Information about available vehicles, their condition and the need for maintenance is always before your eyes
  • Adjusting prices and discounts depending on seasonality
  • The system of work (checklists) is prescribed for each employee, you only need to enter the the program
  • History of vehicle maintenance
  • Machine inspection history by employees (ability to find the person responsible for deficiencies)
  • A simple check of employee cash flow
  • Customer database with indication of trustworthiness
  • Sending confirmations, reminders and mailings to customers
  • Employee work schedule
  • Payroll accounting
  • Mileage accounting and automatic overrun fee calculation
  • Accounting for fines and receivables
  • Increase the company's online reputation by automatically requesting reviews after renting
  • History of user actions in the system
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Roles of users with restricted access levels (administrator, manager, employee)
  • Employee's mobile app (in development)
  • Admin mobile app (in development)
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Free for up to 15 vehicles

If you add 15 vehicles to the system, there is no fee for using the system. Charging starts when 16th vehicle are added to the system.

Prices in CRM RentProg

If you add 15 vehicles to the system, there is no fee for using the system. Charging starts when 16th vehicle are added to the system.

Start Standard Medium Professional Expert Individual
per month / per vehicle
0 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.1 1
Number of vehicles 0-15 16-100 101-200 201-300 301-500 501+
Number of branches
Number of users
Booking Management
Booking Calendar
Plan for the day
Customer base
Car maintenance
Flow of funds
Task Planner
Partner Cars
Download to Excel
Document generation
Site Order Form
Email notifications
WhatsApp notifications + service fee + service fee + service fee + service fee + service fee + service fee
Type Email, Chat** Email, Chat** Personal manager** Personal manager** Personal manager** Personal manager**
**During office hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Lisbon)

RentProg - service for management, accounting and analytics car rental

CRM for vehicle rental, RentProg, is a comprehensive online enterprise management system (ERP) designed to automate business processes in vehicle rental or car-sharing companies. Our system is developed by programmers who have directly participated in the work of a vehicle rental company as employees and know all the activities of a vehicle rental company from the inside. The system covers all activities of vehicle rental services, taking into account nuances typical for this sphere of business. The development process takes into account the needs of employees of vehicle rental companies, from business owners to ordinary employees. RentProg is a "live" system that is constantly being improved. At the same time, it requires no installation, and you don't need to reinstall anything or call a programmer.

Your rental is completely under your control, 24 hours a day. All you have to do is take your smartphone to see how many machines are idle, where the rest of the machines are located, how much money is in each employee's cash register right now, and how much money is in the checking account. All of your confidential information is protected with the most advanced data protection technology.

The work of the company's employees (at all levels) is radically simplified. They can see for themselves what needs to be done, what is planned to be issued, and what kind of service is required. As the owner or manager, there is no need to constantly call and set tasks, and it becomes easy to control employees and identify those responsible for deficiencies. The work of the employees is also facilitated and work time is optimized. The quality of customer service and service for the fleet improves. Thanks to detailed analytics, ways of saving money are identified, as well as models of cars that are more profitable to buy.

Finally, the system is indispensable for those who want to grow. If you plan to expand into franchises or attract investors, you can give them access to full data on the company's cash flow, clearly showing the real income and growth prospects. We guarantee that with RentProg CRM, you will grow faster!