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We have digitized all business processes at the box office. The system was developed by programmers who have experience in renting and know this business from the inside.

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We do not pass on data to third parties.
All user, customer and vehicle data is encrypted.

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We have the largest number of features. Responsive and fast support. The easiest start. Everything is strictly confidential.

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This is the heart of the system. Here you can find all the basic information about bookings, manage status, payments, etc.

  • Employees won't let you down. The system itself calculates the cost of the reservation, based on the duration, discounts and other parameters.
  • Received applications, current bookings, you always know at what stage they are.
  • Delayed return of the deposit. Reminder of the return date.
Booking calendar

Booking calendar

In the calendar, you can visually see your reservations, which allows you to quickly navigate when confirming a reservation, as well as optimize the loading of cars.

  • All reservations can be seen on the screen, time intervals between reservations, all information by clicking.
  • You make a booking decision with all the necessary information in front of your eyes.
  • Lots of different sorts and filters.
Booking card

Booking card

Here you can find all the information on booking and the control unit. Who issued / accepted the car, mileage for booking, fines and much more.

  • Full control of all payments grouped by services. You will always be aware if there are underpayments in the reservation.
  • Sending confirmations and refusals, various reminders about the imminent start of booking, reviews, etc.
  • Tracking debts, various options for calculating prices and discounts.
Cash Box

Cash Box

Each employee has his own cashbox (balance), as well as information about all payments is collected in the company's cashbox for cash and non-cash accounts.

  • Each employee payment is controlled by the manager due to the status of the payment.
  • Each payment has a group, type, source and additional description, which allows you to quickly identify the payment.
  • Access levels. Access to the company's cashbox and critical functions according to roles.


The quintessence of the whole system. Here you can see the effectiveness of investments, expenses and income, and other parameters necessary for a successful business.

  • Full analysis of expenses and incomes for all categories.
  • Statistics of each car, in which you can see many parameters, such as the cost of one kilometer, the efficiency of investments per 100 thousand, and so on.
  • Real time data update.
Website booking form

Website booking form

The booking form can be easily integrated into any website. You need to insert only three lines of code.

  • All settings are made in the form code, and the appearance can be customized using css.
  • The client sees free cars at the right time. Bookings come directly to the system with filled in data, you just have to activate the booking and send a confirmation to the client.

GPS monitoring

The system allows you to track the location of vehicles in real time.

  • Monitoring the location of cars, their speed and route.
  • Receive notifications about speed violations, leaving the zone, etc.
  • Supports more than 2000 device models.

Key features

We have developed a system that allows you to manage your rental from any device, anywhere in the world.

For any device

Easy start

Convenient calendar

Plan for the day

Website booking form

WhatsApp integration


Full control

Reminders and notifications

Our rates

For big clients we develop individual tariffs. We provide free time to study and enter information.


0€ /month

    • 1-15 cars
    • 1 user
    • Booking calendar
    • Document generation
    • Chat Support


1.5€ /month

    • Price for 1 vehicle *
    • 1-50 cars
    • users
    • Plan for the day
    • Service
    • Funds flow
    • Analytics
    • Staff Schedule
    • Store
    • Partners
    • Export to Excel
    • Education
    • Lots of other features
    • * Price for 30 days


Negotiated price

Connect with us
    • 400+ cars
    • branches
    • Data transfer
    • Whole team training
    • Priority support
    • Individual tariff
Mobile applications

Available on the App Store and Google Play

The full functionality of the system is available in mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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