Technical booking

If, when creating a reservation, you click on the Technical switch, you can create a reservation for a period when, for some reason, the car cannot be used for delivery to clients. For example, needed for internal use. If you press the Repair switch, a reservation will be created for the period of the planned car repair.


Technical bookings are not displayed in the list of nearby reservations on the Homepage and do not exclude the vehicle from the list of vehicles on the Homepage. This is done to understand that the car is not rented and to control its location.

Important! Technical reservation for car repairs is best used in conjunction with the car status In repair. When booking, the employee will pay attention to the status and make a decision based on the nature of the repair.

Please note that when creating a technical booking, the Client field must be filled in. This is necessary to control the location of the car and in case of controversial issues, for example, the appearance of damage during repairs, to find the person responsible.

If a technical reservation is made not for the transfer of a car to a specific person, but, say, for repairs, it is advisable to create a “virtual” client for this, for example, “Technical T.T.”, and each time when creating a technical reservation, enter it in the Client field .