Receiving notifications in Telegram

To enable sending notifications to your personal telegram account, you need to find the @RentalManBot bot in telegram and start it, the response message will contain your telegram_id, it needs to be inserted into the telegram_id field user profile or in the company settings in the notifications tab.

It is also possible to receive notifications in a general chat (group). This is more convenient, since in addition to receiving notifications, you can immediately discuss them with employees, assign a person responsible, etc.

To do this, you need to create a group in telegram, then invite the @RentalManBot bot there, this can be done in the application by clicking on the group profile and the Members tab, + Invite. In the same way, you can invite your employees to the group.

Next, you need to make the bot a group administrator. To do this, go to the group profile, click on Edit. in the top right, then find the Administrators tab, and add the bot @RentalManBot to the administrators.

After this, you need to find out your group ID. There are many bots that help with this, but they often fail. The bot is currently running @my_id_bot . You need to find it in telegram, start and click on help, it will describe what you need to do to find out the group id, as a rule, you need to forward a message from the group to the bot.

The group ID usually starts with a minus - , it also needs to be indicated in the profile.

In the company settings, in the Notifications tab, the Notify about new booking on Telegram slider must be enabled.

If you did everything correctly, after this you will receive notifications about new reservations (etc.) in the group.