Employee Tasks and Checklists

Personal TODOs.

In this section, each employee can create a reminder of what needs to be done. An employee with “Manager” rights and higher can assign a task to another employee.

To set a task in the “What needs to be done” field, you need to write down a brief summary of the task, select the person responsible and indicate the deadline, if necessary, add a more detailed description - toggle the “Description” slider and enter the text in the field that appears; the task is saved by clicking the “Add” button .

Below is a list of assigned tasks. By pressing the corresponding buttons you can perform the following operations:

- mark the completion of the task;

- edit the task;

- delete a task (available to users with “Manager” rights and higher);

Working with the Checklist.

Below the list of tasks there is a Checklist.

Checklist is a list of regular, day-to-day typical tasks established for each employee individually. The checklists describe the company's work system in terms of the job responsibilities of each employee. In the checklist, each employee can see a list of their main tasks for the coming day and mark their completion, and the manager can check the degree to which employees have completed daily tasks. At the end of the day, each employee is required to check whether he has completed all tasks. At the beginning of a new calendar day, the completion marks are reset to zero and each employee begins the next execution of standard operations.

In order for a specific employee to have a checklist, it must be created. The creation of checklists for each employee is carried out by the administrator or manager at the point Checklists. When you select a specific employee, the “Employees” field displays the tasks created for that employee. Adding a regular task is done by clicking the “New task” button. For identical positions, you can copy all tasks from the checklist from one employee to another by pressing the corresponding button.


The subsection is available to employees with “Manager” rights and above. In this subsection you can see a list of tasks for all employees, the status of their completion, and, if necessary, making changes, deleting, or setting new tasks.