Create a booking

RentProg allows you to receive bookings in several ways:

  • Manually - an employee manually creates a booking.
  • Booking form on the website- we provide a booking form to receive bookings directly from the website. Read more here.
  • API - a set of methods for fully integrating your site with RentProg. More details here.

You can create a new booking manually on the New booking page. In the Car field, select a car from the list. In this case, you can quickly search for the desired car by entering the first characters of the car code.

Next, we select a client from the database of existing clients by entering the first letters of the client’s last name in the appropriate field. As you enter, the selection list will be shortened until it completely matches the entered data. If there are 2 clients in the database whose last name, first name and patronymic are exactly the same, uniqueness is performed using the client’s phone number. The last 4 digits of the phone number are displayed next to the customer's name. The search can also be carried out using the last four digits of the phone number. If the client you are looking for is not in the database, you can add it by clicking the + button. For the procedure for filling out a client card, see the Clients section.

After that, fill in the date and time of the start and end of the rental by selecting dates on the calendar. Dates for which reservations have already been made will not be available for selection. The minimum allowable gap between bookings is configured in Company Settings - Rental tab. After selecting the dates, a cost calculation will appear at the top of the window, depending on the number of rental days and the price of the car for the specified number of days.

In the following input fields you can enter the place of receipt and return of the car. When you enter a location other than office, the Add. services switch will automatically turn on services and a field will appear to enter the cost of additional services, in this case - additional payment for delivery/return of the car to the specified address.

Next, you can apply a tariff to the rental cost calculation, provide a discount, switch to manual calculation (only as a last resort), enter additional information and add additional drivers. Options are enabled by turning on the corresponding switches.


Tariffs are set in the top right menu - Tariffs.

A tariff is an addition (+) or a discount (-) to the established rental price, which can be described by a mathematical relationship (percentage or fixed amount of discount/surcharge).

For example, Tariff Full Coverage. Let’s say your company has the opportunity to rent a car without an insurance deductible and it costs +50 per day. Go to the menu - tariffs, click Add tariff, enter the name Full coverage, enter the amount 50 in the field (for lower tariffs you can enter -50), make a note if necessary , click “Save”. The tariff has been created. Now, if the client wants a car with the Full Coverage option, when creating a reservation, select the Full Coverage tariff - the additional payment will be calculated automatically.


There are several types of discounts:

  • % of the price of the day - discount as a percentage of the price of the day.
  • Discount per day - discount in euros (other currency) from the price of the day.
  • % of the total rental cost - discount as a percentage of the total rental cost.
  • Discount on the total rental cost - a discount in euros (other currency) on the total rental cost.

By providing a discount, you can change the rental price/cost if for some reason it differs from the default price/cost for this machine.

Manual calculation

If the automatic calculation, for some reason, is not suitable and this cannot be adjusted by applying a tariff or discount, you can apply the booking calculation manually.


If manual calculation is enabled, automatic calculation is completely disabled! All amounts, including totals, must be calculated and entered manually. In addition, if the Manual calculation option is enabled, further editing, for example, changing dates, will not be automatically calculated until manual calculation is disabled. In this regard, we recommend using manual calculation only as a last resort, if it is impossible to calculate the reservation in another way. It is better to contact support and clarify the best method of calculation.

Additional services

Enabling this option displays fields for selecting additional services and entering their costs.

Additional Information

Including a field for entering additional information about the reservation allows you to enter various additional information, for example, the client's wishes. Three additional fields also appear - Additional field for templates 1 - 3. For these fields, there are corresponding variables for templates of generated documents. Accordingly, if you need to include arbitrary data from the reservation in the rental agreement, you can add the corresponding variables to the agreement template, and then, when you enter data in these fields, they will appear in the agreement.

Additional drivers

Adding additional drivers to your current booking. It is carried out on the same principle as adding a main tenant; if the client is already in the system, you need to select him, if not, create a new one.

After all necessary operations have been completed, a final check is made to ensure the correctness of the cost calculation. Next, you need to click the Create button.