Booking payment

In the Management block there is a Pay button. When clicked, the booking payment window opens. Payment can be made either immediately before the car is delivered, in advance, for example, if the client makes an advance payment, or after receiving the car, for example, with the Partial refund of the deposit option. If the client makes a small advance to confirm the reservation (in an amount less than the full rental payment), we recommend entering the accepted amount in the Deposit field when making the payment.

To pay for the reservation, after clicking the Payment button, you must enter the amounts paid by the client in the appropriate fields: rent, deposit, delivery, and so on; if there is a payment for additional services, the selection is made by clicking on the switch Additional services. When entering the amount in the appropriate field, it is required to select the type of payment: cash, terminal, card, current account.


If necessary, upon delivery of the car, you can immediately accept payment from the client for the car wash. In this case, a reminder that the car wash has already been paid for will appear when you pick up the car.

It is possible to use different types of payment, for example: rent - by bank terminal, deposit - in cash, and so on.

Cash - payment for services in cash.

Payment by bank terminal implies payment by the client by bank card using a payment terminal (trade acquiring terminal), this also includes payment through Internet acquiring, as well as payment via a link or QR code.

The payment method To card involves transferring funds from card to card via mobile banking.

On bank account (current account) - payment to the company's current bank account.

After payment is made, the Pay button changes in three options:

- lights up green Paid, which means full payment of the reservation, accrued for the reservation = paid for the reservation;

- lights up red with a negative amount displayed, which means underpayment for the reservation, i.e. accrued more than paid;

- lights up in orange with a positive amount displayed, which means an overpayment for the booking, i.e. the client deposited more money than was credited for the booking.