Booking Management

Booking managing involves a large number of different actions, let's look at each in more detail.

Generate MS Word documents(docx)

The main system of document templates in RentProg is implemented on MS Word (docx). There is also a second PDF-based template system, more about it below.

When you click the Generate documents button, the documents necessary for registration of the lease are generated and loaded. The process of preparing an agreement template is described in detail in the section Document generation. After downloading the generated documents, they can be edited in a text editor and printed.

Generate PDF documents

To enable/disable the second template system, you need to go to Company Settings tab Templates, there enable/disable the switch Template system with electronic signature. After this, several new generation buttons will become available to you.

The pink “document” icon is intended to generate a document in PDF format.

The blue “pencil with a line” icon is designed to save a digital image of the client’s signature.

If the client's signature is available, the document will be saved in file storage. A list of such documents will become available in the booking card after generation under the Management block. Such files can be downloaded or deleted.

This system supports digital electronic signature and visual signature of the client. The PDF document is encrypted and signed with a special key, and in this case the document cannot be hacked or forged. Unfortunately, this type of signature is not recognized in all countries.


RentProg allows you to store photos and videos of vehicle inspections before delivery and during reception. This allows you to find at any time the customer responsible for the damage or the employee who missed the damage. This is much more effective than various paper diagrams, where the nature of the damage is completely unclear.

To save the state of the car, click on the blue “camera” icon and upload a photo or video. On mobile devices it is also possible to take a photo or video directly from the application.

Check-in the car

Before issuing the car, it is necessary to accept payment; if payment has not been received, a warning about this will be issued.

To begin the procedure for issuing a vehicle, you need to click on the “departure” icon in the Control block. Next, enter the parameters for issuing a car in the appropriate fields and click the Check-in car button. Once issued, the corresponding reservation is moved to the list of departure reservations. If you incorrectly entered any parameters when issuing, for example mileage, then an employee with manager rights can change these parameters in editing the reservation, the option is Change data manually.


The Change data manuallyoption should be used only in extreme cases, as the automatic calculation may fail. We recommend disabling automatic calculation when editing manually.

Booking renewal

When you press the corresponding "green clock - arrow" button, the vehicle renewal dialog box appears. On the left side of the window you will see the necessary reservation parameters and payments; on the right side you need to fill in the appropriate fields: number of days of renewal, price per day and the amount accepted from the client to pay for the renewal, select the type of payment.

Please note that it is possible to extend your reservation without payment. In this case, you fill out only the “number of days” and “at what price?” fields, and leave the “accepted for rent” field empty. When saving, a warning will appear that must be confirmed. After this, the end date of the reservation will shift by the specified number of days, the rent will be charged according to the specified price, but the payment button will turn red with a negative amount, signaling that the renewal has not been paid.


If you edit a booking, during which the rent is recalculated (change the end date), and this reservation was previously extended at a price different from the recalculation price, then the reservation will be calculated for the entire period at one price, without taking into account the renewal price, accordingly, it may there is a discrepancy between the amount of the recalculated rent and the amount of payments for the reservation. If you do not want to recalculate the entire rental period at a different price, we do not recommend editing and changing the calculation parameters.

Checkout a car

When you click the corresponding button, a dialog box for accepting the car from the client appears.

Be sure to indicate the actual return time and the new mileage of the car, this is important for the correct operation of the program. Select the washing and fuel parameters when returning; if they differ from the parameters when issuing, the entry fields for the corresponding surcharges will automatically be included. After entering additional payments, the refund of the deposit will be automatically calculated. Be sure to select the type of payment; additional payments will be deducted from the amount of the deposit only if the type of payment when returning the deposit coincides with the type of payment when making the corresponding deductions. At the same time, you can combine different types of payment.

Example. The deposit for the car is 500, you make a deduction for the car wash – 500 and for additional time – 100. The client asks that the car wash be deducted from the deposit and the balance returned in cash, and for the additional time he wants to pay using the payment terminal. It is necessary to select the type of payment in the Deposit field - Cash, in the Wash field enter 50 - Cash, in the field >Additional time enter 100 – Terminal. The balance of the deposit to be returned will be calculated - 450. The following operations will take place at the cash desk:

- arrival – 50 – washing – at the employee’s cashbox

- receipt – 100 – additional time – to the company’s current account

- expense – 500 – deposit – at the employee’s cashbox

In fact, 450 (the amount of the returned deposit) will leave the employee’s cash register and 100 will go to the company’s bank account to pay for the additional time.

After entering all the necessary data, click the Accept car button.

Additional operations when receiving a car

Additional operations are performed by pressing the corresponding switches:

Do not return deposit.

Clicking is done if for some reason you do not return the deposit to the client. In this case, the amount of the deposit will remain in the company's cash desk, and the reservation card will include an overpayment in the amount of the unreturned deposit.

Note 1. If the deposit is not returned due to the application of any penalties for the entire amount of the deposit, then there is no need to enable the “do not return” option; it is necessary to make deductions from the deposit by entering the amounts of the corresponding fines in the Additional payments fields, calculation deduction will occur automatically.

Note 2. If the deposit is not returned due to the company’s conditions on the delayed return of the deposit, this function is implemented using the Partial refund of the deposit option.


If you want to add information about problems that have arisen with him to the client’s card, enter this information in the field that appears when you click on the “Problems” slider. Here you can change the client’s category, for example, add it to the “black list”.

Partial return of the deposit (Delayed return of the deposit)

This option applies if for some reason you do not partially return the deposit to the client. In this case, the amount of the unreturned deposit will remain at the company's cash desk, and the reservation card will include an overpayment in the amount of the unreturned deposit.

The main purpose of this function is deferred return of the deposit, if the company’s terms and conditions provide for temporary, full or partial retention of the deposit. Setting the time interval after which, according to the conditions, the deposit is returned, is done in Company Settings -> tab Rent here you need to fill in the parameter Number of days after which the deposit is returned.

When you enable this option, you must pay the currently refundable deposit amount, excluding additional payments.


Indicate the entire amount of the retained deposit, excluding any additional payments accepted.

If the Partial refund of deposit option is applied, then after accepting the car, the corresponding reservation will appear in the list of Inactive reservations in a separate block, at the bottom of the page, table Deposit refunds. The payment button on these bookings will light up orange and display the overpayment amount for the booking. The Balance column will indicate the amount of the unreturned deposit. After the deposit return interval set in the company profile has reached, an alarm indicating the need for a refund will occur - the line of the corresponding reservation will light up in orange.

To return the deposit, when the return deadline arrives, you must go to the reservation card, click the “Payment” button and make a payment to return the deposit - enter the amount to be returned with a negative sign. If fines are received, deduct the fine by entering the amount in the “Fines” field in the “Additional services” section.

Example. The deadline for returning the deposit for a certain reservation has arrived, the amount is 500. During the time that has passed since the return of the car, a fine has been received for violating traffic rules in the amount of 50. To return the deposit and withhold the fine, you must go to the card of the corresponding reservation, click the Payment, in the Deposit field, enter the amount -500, select the type of payment, include the Additional services section, in the Fines field enter the amount 50, select the payment type, click Save. Make an actual transfer of funds to the client’s card in the amount of: 500-50=450. After checking, archive the reservation.

Let's consider options for retaining collateral.

- 1st case - the deposit is retained in full:

In this case, you must leave “0” in the input field for the refundable deposit amount. Then the deposit will be temporarily withheld in full.

- 2nd case - the deposit is partially withheld:

In this case, in the field for entering the refundable amount of the deposit, you need to enter the amount of that part of the deposit that is to be returned to the client. The balance of the deposit will be temporarily withheld.

- 3rd case: - the deposit is partially withheld, and other deductions are made from the amount to be returned to the client (for example, for washing):

In this case, in the field for entering the refundable amount of the deposit, you also need to enter the amount of that part of the deposit that is to be returned to the client. Next, enter the amounts of additional payments in the appropriate fields (amounts that are withheld from the deposit, for example, for a car wash). An automatic calculation will be made of the amount that must be returned to the client, minus deductions from the deposit.

Example. Deposit – 500. The amount of the deposit that is subject to temporary withholding is 300. From the refunded amount, it is necessary to deduct for the car wash – 50. Click the “Partial refund of the deposit” button, enter the return amount – 200. Next, in the “Additional payments” section, enter the amount of 500 in field “wash”, select the type of payment – “cash”. There will be an automatic calculation of the amount to be returned to the client: 500 (deposit) – 300 (temporary retention amount) – 50 (wash) = 150 (refund amount). Here, too, you can combine different types of payment; automatic calculation of deductions will be made if the type of payment for the return of the deposit and the type of payment for deductions match.

Do not send review reminder

By default, 3 days after returning the car, a message is automatically sent to the client’s email and whatsapp (upon connection) asking him to leave a review about the services provided. In Company Settings in the Company section, you must specify links to the organization’s profile on the main platforms for reviews: Yandex directory, Google directory, 2GIS, etc. Using the links provided, the client will be able to leave a review. The Do not send a review reminder option is intended to disable sending a message to the client asking him to leave a review in case of any problems with the client, if you are afraid that he will give a negative rating.

Activate reservation

The button is available in the inactive booking card. If you are sure that no changes need to be made to an inactive reservation, it is enough to simply activate it, you can do this by clicking the corresponding button in the reservation control block.

Gift (free day/hours)

There are situations when you need to give a client a free day/hour, for example, when repairing a car yourself, or with a special “Working Week” tariff when payment is taken for 5 working days. You can also “donate” a few hours, for example, when a manager is delayed, etc.

To provide a “gift” you need to click on the gray “gift” icon and fill in the required data. You can select hours or days, enter quantity and price.

When applying a “gift”, the dates and times do not change, but the amount of payment does change. For example, a client booked a car from 08/12/2023 10:00 to 08/15/2023 10:00, but then decided that he would not have time and would return the car an hour later, you want to encourage the client and give him this hour for free, edit the reservation taking into account this hour, an underpayment for one hour occurs, you add a “gift” of 1 hour, the payment is equalized and the underpayment disappears.

All created “gifts” are visible in the reservation card in a special plate.

Archive booking

Clicking this button moves the inactive booking to the archive. The transfer of the reservation to the archive is carried out by the head of the sales department or the employee responsible for checking the reservation.

The booking will be available in the archive; if necessary, you can get all the information.


All "completed" ones must be archived. This significantly affects the speed of the program.

Unarchive booking

By clicking this button, the reservation is moved from the archive to the list of inactive bookings for further processing, for example, if the reservation was rejected, and then you managed to pick up a car.

Delete booking

You can only delete an inactive booking. Deleting an inactive reservation is available only to the administrator and manager. The function is provided for deleting unnecessary reservations (for example, test or duplicates); deleting reservations that were rented is not recommended in order to avoid errors in the program.