WhatsApp activation

To connect WhatsApp you need to have a positive balance, go to Menu -> Company Settings -> Company -> Notify clients on WhatsApp and click on the "Connect" button. After connecting, you need to wait a couple of minutes while the instance is created.

After a couple of minutes, you need to go to the WhatsApp application on your phone at the desired number, select Settings -> Related devices -> Device binding -> The camera with the QR code scanner will turn on, leave it on, then click on the “Authorize” button, a window with a QR code will appear, you need to point the camera at the QR code on the screen. If the qr code is not suitable, you need to close the window with the current code and click on the "Authorize" button again, a new code will appear.


Currently WhatsApp only supports 4 linked devices. If you have more than 4 devices linked, you will not be able to authorize WhatsApp in RentProg. You need to unlink unnecessary devices.

It is also important to remember that abuse of messages will result in the number being blocked on WhatsApp. Please read our recommendations.