Booking confirmation or cancellation

After creating a booking or activating a booking received from the site, it becomes necessary to send confirmation to the client. Also, if the reservation received from the site failed to select a suitable car or any additional questions arose, a refusal is sent to the client due to the lack of cars or a random message is sent.

By default, if the client has an email address, confirmation is sent via email. It is possible to enable sending notifications to WhatsApp. These services are provided by third party service providers and require additional fees. We recommend using email as your primary confirmation channel; as an additional channel (due to the fact that email messages sometimes end up in “spam”), we suggest you consider WhatsApp. Economically, this is the most profitable, since for a small subscription fee (includes only the services of a third-party provider, we do not charge a commission for this), you get the opportunity to send an unlimited number of messages.

After connecting WhatsApp, if the client's phone number is available in this messenger, the “WhatsApp” slider becomes active. You can, if necessary, disable any of the communication channels by clicking on the corresponding slider.


Confirmation is made by clicking the “Confirmation” button. In this case, the client will receive a message with the following content:

"Hello Andrew!

Your booking request No. 10567 has been accepted. We confirm the car order. We will be waiting for you at the appointed time, 11/18/2021 12:00. In case of any changes please inform in advance. If force majeure circumstances arise, it is possible to replace it with a car of at least a lower class under the same conditions at the same price. We kindly request that there are no delays, please call us at +71234567890 an hour before the start time of the rental and notify us that you are coming to us.

We duplicate the data in the form:

Car: Hyundai Solaris

Rental start: 11/18/2021 12:00

Rental end: 22-11-2021 12:00

Days: 4

Price per day: 100.00 EUR.

Where to check-in: Office

Where to check out: Office

Total without deposit: 400 EUR.

Deposit: 300 EUR.

Refusal no cars

Message when clicking the “No machines denied” button:

"Hello Andrew!

Unfortunately, your request for reservation No. 10567 has been rejected. Sorry, all cars are already occupied for the specified period. If you don’t find anything suitable anywhere, you can try to fill out an application the day before, maybe something will become available.”

By templates

When you click the “By templates” button, a window for entering a custom message appears. You enter the subject and text of the message in the appropriate fields. For example, this may be needed if the client indicated an incorrect phone number in the application; here you can write him a message stating that it is impossible to contact him at the specified number. Next, when you click on the “Save Template” slider, the entered text will be saved as a message template for later sending to other clients. To use a previously saved template, click the “Response Templates” button next to the title of the “Letter to Client” window. Next, click the “Submit” button.