Car states and statuses

View and select car status indication depending on availability for pick-up or technical condition. Each status corresponds to a specific color. This color displays the name or code of the car in some lists where the status icon is not displayed (for example, a list of bookings, a calendar), to understand what condition the car is in based on the display color.


- Can be issued – everything is fine with the car, green color;

- Under repair – the car is scheduled for repair or is undergoing maintenance (this status does not exclude the car from those available for booking; to exclude, you must create a technical booking for the expected period of repair), gray color;

- Critical condition – status for marking a car whose technical condition prohibits its rental (this status also does not exclude the car when checking availability, since the repair period is unknown (create a technical reservation), red color;

- Long-term rental – the car is occupied and the period of its release is unknown (the car is excluded from availability when automatically checking availability), pink color;

- Do not issue – for some reason the car is not available for booking, for example: purchased, but not yet registered; faulty, restoration period unknown, etc., blue color;

- Maintenance required – the status is turned on automatically when periodic maintenance is due. This status does not interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle; it only serves as a reminder. After completing all routine maintenance, the status is turned off manually, orange.


Wash - here you can look and, if necessary, indicate whether the car was washed or dirty.



Tank - view and change the fuel level in the car - filled / not filled.


Requires refueling

Nearest booking - view the date of the next car booking. When clicked, you will be taken to the booking card.


Technical reservations are not indicated in the Nearest reservation column. If you have a technical reservation that prevents you from issuing a car for rent, be sure to set the status to Under repair.

Repairs - a list of maintenance and repair operations necessary for the car. The periodic maintenance message is displayed automatically. Repair information can be entered manually in the Vehicle Card. You can mark the completion of the repair by clicking on the corresponding notification.

Location - view and change information about the location of the vehicle.

TI (technical inspection) - viewing information about the date of the last inspection of the car by an employee (checking technical fluids, lighting devices and technical condition). By clicking on the appropriate field, you can enter information about the next inspection of the car.

Tires - view and change information about the seasonal tires on the car.