Invoicing for companies

This section deals with the creation, processing and generation of invoices for non-cash payment of company services by other organizations. At the top of the window there is an input field for searching for a specific account (group of accounts) using individual details, and on the right is a button for creating a new account.

When you click the New invoice button, a window appears for filling in the data necessary to generate an invoice. The Additional services section allows, if necessary, to include the cost of additional services in the invoice. The Description field is necessary for adding a note to the invoice (or any arbitrary information) and is not involved in generating the output document.

Description of table columns with a list of accounts:

- the account serial number is set manually when creating an account;

- editor – the column contains control buttons:

  • payment of an invoice - transferring funds from the client to the company’s current account, filling in the amounts by type of service, if necessary, including the “Additional services” section;
  • invoice generation – creating an invoice based on the entered data and uploading it to a file for subsequent processing and issuance to the client;
  • edit invoice – used when it is necessary to make corrections, as well as to view the invoice amount broken down by type of service before making a payment;
  • account deletion – delete the account permanently, without the possibility of recovery.

- date of issue;

- name of the client;

- booking number for which the invoice was issued;


In the Booking numberfield, you can only enter existing booking numbers for your company, otherwise the program will generate an error.

- description (note);

- invoice amount;

- control – invoice payment status: paid, or underpayment, calculated automatically;

- received – the amount of funds received from the client to pay the invoice;

- status – the status of the invoice, shows at what stage the state of the payment work is (created, issued, partially paid, paid), the state is selected manually.