User roles

- Administrator – suitable for the owner of the company, given full access to the program, has full access rights to all functions, including external withdrawal of funds and branches of the company.

- Director – suitable for the manager (branch office director) who is given full access to the program, except for external withdrawal of funds, and the functions of creating and managing branches.

- Manager – suitable for the head of the sales department, senior manager, head of department, has an increased set of rights (viewing the cash register of other employees, access to company settings), no access to the company cash register and analytics;

- Employee – suitable for the majority of company employees (car delivery manager, technician, etc.), has the minimum required set of access rights;

- Partner - suitable for rental partners who put their cars under management, see information only about their cars, and do not have the ability to change anything (creating, editing, etc.)

- Guest - observer role, sees all the functions of the system, but cannot change anything (creating, editing, etc.)