Editing a booking

If there is a need to change any booking parameters, you need to go to the booking card (by clicking on the booking number in the list or double-clicking on the desired line in the list), in the Management section, click on the pencil icon.

Option 1. Booking received from the website.

If a reservation was received through order form on your website or through the API, it will go to the Inactive reservations section (if the setting to immediately activate bookings is not enabled). Before proceeding to editing, if several employees can process incoming reservations, we recommend selecting the In Processing status. Next, we move directly to editing. We make the necessary clarifications with the client and make changes if necessary. The fields are filled in in the order described in the section Creating a reservation. After making all the necessary edits, you must be sure to turn on the “Active” switch in the upper right corner of the reservation card to activate it. You can also activate the reservation in the Managementblock by clicking on the green icon A.

Option 2. Editing existing booking.

To change the data of an active booking, select it from the list and edit it in the manner described above.

Option 3. Editing a booking that is currently in the process of being rented, or has already been returned from rent.

It happens that after the car is issued or accepted, it becomes necessary to change the parameters specified during issue or return (car wash condition or mileage during issue/return), for example, if the employee made a mistake. To do this, select the appropriate reservation, click the pencil icon “Edit booking”, in the lower left part of the window click on the “Change data manually” switch and change the corresponding parameters. You can change the reservation calculation, customer data displayed in the booking list, wash condition, fuel level in the tank, mileage, price when creating a booking.


When editing manually, if the calculated data is changed, errors may occur (data overwriting) when the Automatic calculation mode is turned on.


Changing the parameters for issuing and receiving a car (for example, mileage) is available to users in the Manager role and above.


When editing an active booking, if the car is already rented, we strongly do not recommend replacing the car! If you give a client a replacement car, do not change the car in this reservation, complete the current reservation and create a new one for the replacement vehicle. When replacing, incorrect data may appear in the analytics, and if there is a difference in the rental price, the cost will be recalculated with the prices of a new car.