Main types of bookings

Active bookings

At the top of the list, reservations are displayed for cars that are currently on the road (with the client) or have left for other reasons (if a technical booking has been made). The table provides basic information about the reservation. By clicking on the icon in the Cl.status column, you can change the status of the reservation (more details in the section Booking statuses). By clicking on the Note column, you can change additional information about the reservation. By clicking on the Responsible(responsible) column, you can select or change the employee responsible for issuing or receiving the car for the specified reservation. When assigned as a responsible employee, an employee receives a notification. After completing the corresponding task (receiving/issuing), the linking of the person in charge to the reservation is reset.

The icon in the Payment column indicates the status of settlements with the client for the corresponding reservation: paid in full, overpaid or underpaid.


If the rental period has ended, but the car has not been returned, the rental end date lights up in red.

Below are bookings for cars that have not yet been issued. From this list, if necessary, a reservation search is made to obtain the relevant information, make changes, issue or receive a car, and perform other necessary actions.

Inactive bookings

This list shows 4 types of bookings.

- bookings that were received through the online car order form on your website, the rental employee must process them, clarify the order details with the client, confirm the reservation and activate it, after which it will go to the list of active reservations

- bookings that were created and then deactivated for one reason or another (for example, client refusal) are subject to archiving after verification by the head of the sales department (manager)

- bookings for accepted cars (departed reservations) are subject to archiving after verification by the head of the sales department (manager)

- at the bottom of the list of inactive bookings, in the Refunds of Deposits block, reservations with a deferred return of the deposit (if such an operation was carried out) appear; they are subject to archiving after the deposit is returned to the client and verified

In inactive bookings, it is possible to filter by start/end date, filter by reservation status (status), search by parameters: car code, client's last name, reservation number and other parameters. And there is the possibility of exporting to a tabular format.


The booking archive is divided into two subsections (selection is made by pressing the corresponding button):

- departed bookings – reservations for cars that were rented and returned;

- all bookings – this is a list of all reservations that have departed and not departed, i.e. reservations that were created, but for one reason or another the cars were not provided (for example, there were no free cars or the client changed his mind)

We recommend storing all created reservations (except for test and duplicate ones) in an archive. Driven away - for obvious reasons, if you need to find out who had the car on certain dates in the past (for example, a fine was received). Undeparted - for analytics (what was the unmet demand or reasons for refusals), and, in the event of an unplanned release of a car, you can offer it to a client for whom there were no free cars previously.

The archive has created functionality for quickly searching for reservations by start/end date, date occurrence and parameters: car code, client's last name, reservation number. And there is the possibility of exporting to a tabular format.

The following operations for working with reservations are available in the list of archived reservations:

- viewing the booking card - done by double-clicking on the reservation line or pressing the Detailed information about the reservation button

- unarchive the booking - moving the reservation from the archive to the list of inactive reservations, for further processing, for example, if the reservation was rejected, and then you managed to pick up a car

- delete a booking from the archive (the function is available only to employees with “manager” rights and above), the function is designed to delete unnecessary reservations (for example, duplicates), delete reservations that were rented not recommended, in order to avoid the appearance errors in the program.