Employee cashbox

The Cashbox section is presented in two parts: the employee cashbox itself and the employee cashbox in the Employees section. The first is needed for creating payments and daily activities of the employee, the second is needed for control and actions of the administrator. Let's look at each part in more detail.

Cash desk section (employee cashbox)

The Cashbox section provides a list of all cash transactions of the current employee for the previous month, and you can also create a new payment in the current section. If you need to view earlier transactions, you should look for them in the Company cashbox.

To create a new payment, you need to click on the New paymentbutton and fill in the data. Read more about creating a payment in a separate article.

Clicking the Edit button allows you to make corrections to some payment data: you can change the group, car and description, the payment amount cannot be changed. If it is necessary to correct the amount, you need to cancel the transaction at the company cashbox and make the payment again. Cancellation can be made by a user with administrator and manager rights at the company cashbox.


For security reasons, it is not possible to delete a payment or change the amount. To correct, you need to cancel the incorrect payment and then create the correct one.

In the Company cashbox administrators have the opportunity to change the payment date. If the date is changed, the original date will be saved, but in analytics such payments will be taken into account based on the edited date.

Below the payments table there is an additional table - Cashbox by day, which is a list of cashbox totals for the past days, as of 00:00 UTC each day. This allows, if any discrepancies are detected between the actual availability of funds in the cash register and the accounting data, to double-check the transactions performed at the cash desk, starting from the total for the previous day.

Employee cashbox in the Employees section

Here the manager can check each operation for complete accounting of the funds received and the appropriateness of the expenses incurred, with the appropriate mark: “Checked” or “Not Accepted”. The “Not Accepted” mark serves as a reminder of the need to clarify with the employee the details of the transaction.

If necessary, by clicking on the Edit button, you can edit the operation here. You can change the income/expense group, car and description. The transaction amount cannot be changed retroactively. If an error is made in the invoice amount, you must cancel the transaction and redo it.

At the employee cashbox, you can carry out operations according to the program for issuing money to an employee or receiving money from an employee. To do this, you need to enter the amount in the appropriate field Picked up from the cashboxor Put it in the cashbox,select where the debit will occur or where the funds will go, depending on the operation, and press the Save - the employee cashbox will change by the specified amount.

Also, here you can search for an operation by the values of the fields: Group, Description and Amount.