Creating payments

The New payment button allows you to create a new expense or income transaction. When clicked, a payment creation window appears.

Filling out the fields:

- transaction amount;

- group of expenses/income – filling is carried out for the purpose of further analysis of income/expenses (if it is impossible to assign income to a specific group, select Other income, expense – Overhead costs i>);

- car – select the car for which the expense is made; if it is impossible to determine a specific car, or if the expense applies to the entire company, skip this field;

- income/expenses – entered automatically based on the selected group;

- type of payment;

- description of payment – a note, if necessary.

Transferring cash between employees

Clicking the Internal switch allows you to transfer funds between employees within the company. Please note that each employee has the ability to only accept funds from another employee. It is impossible to carry out an expense transaction in this way; such a ban allows you to avoid abuse by employees. To carry out the operation of receiving money to the cashbox from another employee, you must enter the amount of receipt in the appropriate field and select from the drop-down list the name of the employee from whom the funds are being received; in the Description field you can write a note about the operation, then click Save button.

Example. Employee “A” transferred funds to employee “B” in the amount of 500. To carry out the transaction at the cashbox of both employees, employee “B” needs to create an internal payment in the amount of 500. After this, 500 will be debited from the cashbox of employee “A”, and from the cashbox of the employee “B” will be received in the amount of 500.

Repayment of a debt

When you press the Debt payment switch, a payment is generated to repay the client’s debt to the company. In contrast to the main procedure for filling out a payment, a field for selecting the debt to be repaid appears.

Canceling an erroneous operation

If an erroneous operation is performed, it can be canceled. Cancellation can be made by a user with administrator or manager rights. To cancel, you need to find the desired operation in Company cashbox and click the Cancel operation button . In this case, the original transaction will not disappear, but a similar transaction with the opposite sign will be created, accordingly, the amount of cash in the cash desk will change to the amount of the correcting transaction. The impossibility of permanently deleting an operation is provided to prevent abuse by employees.