How to do checkout a booking?

In the Management block there is a button Checkout (home), when clicked, a window for accepting a car opens with required fields.

Enter mileage carefully!

Information about mileage must be entered correctly, as incorrect data may affect the analytics and also lead to untimely vehicle servicing.

After entering the car's mileage, you need to note the state of washing and refueling. If you need to charge the client an additional fee for this service, you need to uncheck the Clean car and Full tank buttons. After this, in the Additional payments section (on the right), fields will appear in which you need to enter the amount of additional payment (for washing or refueling) and indicate the payment method. If the payment method for the deposit and the additional payment are the same, the amount will be automatically deducted from the deposit. It is also possible to add other types of surcharges. To do this, in the Select additional services field, you must select the appropriate item/several. For the selected additional services, new fields for entering the amount and payment methods will also be added.