The "Schedule" module is based on a calendar. This section provides planning of working days, accounting and control of duty, days off, vacations and sick leave for all employees. Changes to the schedule can be made by a user with rights from “Manager” or higher. Read more about employee roles in article.

To enter the required value into the schedule, you need to click on the desired cell in the table opposite the name and date. Next, you can select the appropriate status of the day from the select drop-down list. Statuses differ in color, which can be seen in the drop-down list after clicking, and there are also panels with designations under the schedule table.

If you need to make changes to an already scheduled day, you just need to click on the desired cell in the schedule table and select a new status.

To move the table by day and month, there are buttons +1 at the top of the screen; +7 ; +30 and -1 ; -7 ; -30, when you click on it, you will move the corresponding number of days (+) forward and (-) back.