Clients page

A page for viewing all clients of the company. By clicking on the Legal entity or Debtors switch, only the corresponding category of clients is displayed.

By double clicking on the client in the list or clicking on the Detailed information about the client button, the client card opens. Clicking the Delete button deletes the client without the possibility of recovery. It is not practical to delete real clients.

The client card displays all information about the client. To enter or change data, you must enter new data in the required field, then click on the Save button next to the title or at the bottom of the card. The fields are filled in according to their names.

Clicking the Problem client switch opens a field for entering detailed information about problems encountered with the client.


Entering information about problems with a client does not mean adding it to the list of unreliable ones; to do this, use the selection of the client category (gray, black).

Client category

RentProg has 5 categories of clients. In the booking list, the client name is displayed in a specific color, depending on his category. By the color of the client's name, you can determine his category and decide on the order of further work.


  • New– the category is automatically assigned to each newly created client in any way (manually or through a form on the website) and is displayed in blue.
  • Loyal – a client for whom more than 1 booking has been made, even if he has not yet rented a car, is displayed in purple in the list.
  • Regular – a client who has at least one completed reservation is displayed in green in the list.
  • Grey – a problematic client (for example, he booked a car, but did not warn about the cancellation), is displayed in the list in gray with a strikethrough, a warning that he needs to pay attention to whether he should book a car.< /li>
  • Black – a very problematic client, displayed in the list in black with a strikethrough, issuing a car is strictly prohibited, there were serious problems.


The Discount, % field means that the client is provided with a permanent discount of a certain percentage of the daily rent; when such a client is added to a booking when created manually, the discount will be applied automatically.

Field Discount, EUR - means a discount from the daily rental cost by a fixed amount; when selecting this client, the discount is automatically applied.


The source is a channel for attracting a client, i.e. the source of information (type of advertising) through which the client learned about the company. Sources are set in the Company Settings tab Clients. After adding sources in the settings, this field becomes available for selection in the client card. Serves to compare the effectiveness of different customer acquisition channels.

Other sections

Additional information about the client - the field is used to enter any additional information about the client if the specified fields for some data are missing, for example, additional contacts.

Bookings - a list of all customer orders, green lines - successful orders that have already been completed, gray lines - canceled reservations or reservations for a future period.

Documents – block for loading client documents. To upload documents, click on the appropriate field to display the upload window. Uploading is done by dragging the file into the upload window or selecting the file through the file search dialog box on your computer.