Bookings list

This page contains a list of all bookings. The section consists of three subsections: Active, Inactive and Archive. You can go to a subsection by pressing the corresponding button.

  • Active - bookings either currently on lease or planned for the future with confirmation from the client.
  • Inactive - unconfirmed or expired bookings.
  • Archive - storage of currently irrelevant (unnecessary) bookings.

Input field Sort by date - when you enter a date, the list displays only those bookings that begin or end on the specified date. Thus, you can select only those reservations for which delivery or reception will be, for example, today (for this it is more convenient to use the Day Plan), or tomorrow - this is convenient for requesting confirmation from clients a day before the start lease (after this you can enter the appropriate status).

Search - search using various parameters: car code, reservation number, client’s last name, etc. Required to search for a specific booking or group if only one parameter is known, such as the client's last name.

New reservation - creating a new booking manually.

Select state - filter by the desired booking state.

Export to Excel - uploading information about booking into a tabular format for subsequent analysis (available to users in the Administrator, Manager roles).

When you click on the table column header, all bookings are sorted in ascending/descending order of data from the specified column. For example, you can sort by date. You can go to the booking by clicking on the number or double-clicking on the line.