Document generation

RentProg implements two document generation systems: based on files in DOCX (MS Word) and PDF format.

DOCX template system

This system is used by default. To use, you need to download a template in docx format (MS Word) with the variables arranged. The list of variables is available on this page.


  • It is impossible to send a document to a client from RentProg; you first need to generate the file, then send it using the required method.
  • During generation, one file is created. All documents must be in one file.
  • You cannot insert images during generation; you can only insert an image into the template in advance.
  • No encryption or electronic signature. Any user can edit the document.


  • Easy formatting.
  • Easy to create templates. You need to open the file in any text editor that supports docx files, for example, Yandex Documents and set the necessary variables.
  • Fast generation.

Loading templates for document generation

To automatically generate all rental documents in one click, first of all, you need to prepare templates for the agreement and the transfer and acceptance certificate and upload them to Company Settings Templatestab. You can take your organization’s document forms and insert variables into them for data that the program will fill out automatically, or download our agreement template, available in the same settings section, and make changes to it to suit your organization. This same contract serves as a template for arranging the variables in your contract form. The list of variables is available on this page. Forming an agreement or making changes to an existing template must be done in Microsoft Word or any other text editor that supports docx format. For example, you can download this template. All variables are available for text formatting. Those. if you wrote some kind of variable and highlighted it in bold and increased the font size, then when generating documents, the substituted data will have the same formatting.

After preparing document forms with variables, they must be loaded using the document selection dialog box, in the same section of the company settings, or by simply dragging the file into the specified window.

The same operations must be repeated to create an agreement and other documents for legal entities, a template for renewal and issuing an invoice for the organization.

It is possible to load a unique template into each car. To do this, go to the car card, Templatestab and repeat the steps described above.

If you need to make changes to already generated templates, you do not need to repeat the entire procedure. Just click the “Download current” button in the document upload dialog box. Your form generated at the previous stage will be downloaded. After making the necessary changes, download the corrected file again using the above method.

After downloading the forms is completed, you can go to the reservation card and click on the green “document” icon.

A file with documents containing the client’s data and other data according to the reservation will be generated and downloaded. The file can then be printed.

PDF template system


  • The process of creating and formatting a template is quite complex.
  • Limited formatting by default (but there is an option to use HTML)
  • You cannot edit the generated file. If an error is made, the document must be generated again, making corrections to the data.


  • You can completely abandon the paper contract.
  • More capabilities than the system based on docx templates.
  • Possibility of formatting via HTML and CSS via the style attribute.
  • Can be sent to the client directly from RentProg.
  • Digital electronic signature is supported.
  • You can insert an image of the client's signature.

To use this template system, you need to enable it in Company Settings - tab Templates switch Template system with electronic signature. A number of new functions and pages will become available to you.

To create a template in this system, you need to go to the Templates page in the top right menu. To create a new template, you need to click on the blue button New template. In the first field, you need to select the type of template to be created, then enter the name. It is also possible to link a template to a specific car. A text editor will appear below. By default, it contains a list of available variables with their descriptions. In a text editor you need to write the required document (you can copy/paste from an existing one). The text editor supports limited formatting, but in most cases it is sufficient. If this formatting is not enough, then this editor supports inserting HTML code with which you can create the desired formatting.

Let's look at several variables separately.

{{page_brake}} - this variable carries the data after this variable to the next page.

{{sign_start}} - variable for inserting an image of the client's signature received at the start of the booking.

{{sign_end}} - variable for inserting an image of the client's signature received at the end of the booking.

The variable system supports a number of functions, more details here.

To insert images, you need to convert them into text format, this can be done here. The resulting text can be inserted through the image adding tool. Or just paste a link to the image.

When generated, the document is encrypted and signed with a digital electronic signature. Thanks to this, the document cannot be changed or edited. In many countries, a digital electronic signature is recognized as proof of authenticity.